In difficult ground, press on; On hemmed-in ground, use subterfuge; In death ground, fight”  – Chapter 11 of Sun Tzu‘s The Art of War

For decades, Green Berets have been sent all over the world, often going into complex dangerous situations with host nation forces.  The opportunities for disaster are obvious and frequent.  How do Green Berets thrive in chaos?  One priceless technique is the immediate action drill.

Immediate action drills are procedures designed to provide swift and positive reaction to enemy contact. They are simple courses of action in which all members of the unit are so well trained that minimum signals or commands are required to initiate action. Immediate action drills can help you recover from a surprise attack and gain the initiative.

There is no way to plan for every eventuality, but there are some simple guidelines which, when properly applied, can keep you and your recently trained non-English speaking friends alive.