If an army uses an inexpensive inflatable decoy in the forward line, any loss of a tank or prized American-manufactured high mobility artillery rocket system (HIMARS) can be lessened.

The conflict in Ukraine has increased the demand for military equipment like tanks, guns, and aircraft, which has benefited Inflactech Decoys, a Czech producer of simulated war machinery.

Vojtech Fresser, the Chief Executive, declared on Monday that their company had added HIMARS to the more than 30 kinds of inflatable replicas of the actual size they market to customers worldwide.

At a media event in Decin, Czech Republic, on March 6, 2023, a worker was seen setting up an inflatable decoy of a military vehicle. This imitation was utilized to deceive enemy assaults.

While Inflatech declined to affirm that Ukraine is one of the areas they are targeting, Fresser predicted they would probably end up there.

“I can imagine that if we want to support a partner country which is in trouble, we will send them Inflatech inflatable decoys and they are already there or certainly will be,” he said.

There was no immediate response when trying to ascertain comment from the Czech Defense Ministry, which is responsible for arranging Czech military supplies to Ukraine.

The decoys are constructed from synthetic silk to confuse the opponents visually, as well as to be detectable on radars and present a thermal signature.

Two to four soldiers can carry the sacks containing these items, which can be expanded and ready to use in 10 minutes.

At the Decin factory of the firm, Fresser informed reporters that the HIMARS inflatable top, when not including the heat generator and compressor equipment, weighs 95 lbs (43 kg).

The false bait ranges from ten thousand to one hundred thousand dollars.

At a media presentation in Decin, Czech Republic, on March 6, a worker showcased an inflatable replica of a military vehicle. This decoy was designed to deceive enemy assaults.

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“If you lead the enemy to destroy my piece of equipment by something that is four, or maybe 20 times more expensive, then you are winning economically,” Fresser said.

Business for Inflatech has been on the rise for the last 12 months due to Russia’s involvement in Ukraine, which has produced dozens of decoys each month, and Fresser believes the growth rate could go from 10% to even higher in the upcoming year.

Inflatable Decoys on the Battlefield

Military inflatable decoys are an effective tool in the war arena due to their lightweight and deceptive nature. These decoys, often made with realistic materials and designs, can be quickly deployed and provide a false target or image of personnel or equipment that can fool enemy forces.

Inflatable decoys are incredibly effective when combined with thermal imaging technology, as they can help disguise the presence of personnel or equipment. This is because the heat of the decoy will leak into surrounding areas and appear as a legitimate source of heat. As a result, enemy forces may misidentify friendly targets from hostile ones, allowing for strategic maneuvering without detection.

Inflatable decoys also have other features that make them useful on the battlefield. For example, many inflatables have simulated smoke from exhaust pipes, making them even more realistic and convincing for enemy forces. Additionally, some models feature visual aids such as headlights or tail lights, which further add to their deception tactics.

Deployment of inflatable decoys also provides security advantages in times of conflict. Their lightweight frames make them easy to transport on planes, boats, or vehicles while they remain relatively small when stored away, thus making them ideal for covert operations. This helps protect friendly personnel by avoiding detection, often essential during missions or battle plans.

Inflatable decoys have become a significant part of modern warfare and military strategy. Inflatech, i2kDefense, and Deeks Decoys are just a few companies that manufacture realistic inflatable replicas of tanks, aircraft, and other military equipment. These decoys can be used for training purposes or in real-world scenarios to deceive enemy forces.

Inflatable decoys can be quickly deployed in the field with an electric or gas-powered blower. This system also generates a heat signal that can fool infrared sensors, making them even more effective as decoys. In addition, the lightweight nature of inflatables makes them easy to transport and store, allowing for quick deployment when needed.

The realism of these inflatable decoys has been dramatically improved over the years due to advances in technology and materials used in their construction. Companies like Inflatech produce more than 30 different types of inflatable military decoys ranging from tanks to aircraft. The attention to detail is remarkable; some models even feature simulated smoke coming out of the exhaust pipes.

Overall, military inflatable decoys are an effective tool in war due to their lightweight construction and realistic design elements that allow them to deceive enemy forces when combined with thermal imaging technology successfully. Additionally, their portability helps create security advantages by providing a way to deploy units without detection from potential threats clandestinely.