Nowadays, it is pretty easy to file a lawsuit against someone who did something wrong: either to us personally or if they broke specific laws set by the government. However, things were highly different during the 14th to 16th centuries.

It was a time when it was not just humans that could be placed on trial but also pigs, dogs, rats, grasshoppers, and even snails, who people thought did something against people, properties, or God. And animals were no exemption. Here are cases when animals were summoned for trial.

Serial Swine

One time in 15th century France, a “young pig” was placed on trial after the infant child of a cowherd was severely mutilated in the face and neck by this murderous swine on a farm east of Paris one day during the spring of 1494.

The case was prosecuted by Jehan Levoisier, who was a licentiate in law, as he claimed. Perhaps not having the ability to defend his actions, the judge declared his verdict,