In a calculated maneuver to beef up naval readiness in the Asia-Pacific, the US and Japan have joined forces to greenlight maintenance and repairs of US warships at private Japanese shipyards.

This tag-team effort aims to tighten operational screws, slash maintenance downtime, and fortify the US-Japan Alliance.

US Ambassador Rahm Emanuel spilled the beans on the Ship Repair Council Japan, a joint effort involving the US Navy, Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force, and private companies from both sides.

Their game plan? Cook up a strategy to keep US Navy ships sailing smoothly by tapping into Japanese shipyards.

According to Emanuel, this move is key to keeping the US Navy shipshape in the region, beefing up deterrence, and cementing the US-Japan Alliance.

“China watches what ships are coming in and out. It is not like this is a secret, they know what’s happening. So therefore, they take an evaluation of your deterrence,” said Emanuel, quoted by Reuters.

Boosting Naval Readiness

This decision to let Japanese shipyards handle full-on maintenance of US warships marks a shift from the norm of just tinkering around at US bases in Japan and shipping out for major overhauls back home.

By hitching a ride on Japanese dry docks, the US Navy aims to make the most of resources, clear out the maintenance backlog, and stay ready for any scrapes.