I met TITIN team in New York a few months ago, and was impressed with their story and the group as a whole. You could tell that good things were happening for them with the business, and this is always nice to see as an entrepreneur myself. Go visit their website, it’s totally worth it!

The concept of putting extra weight on the body and working out is not new, we used to train at SEAL Team 3 with full body armor, and in BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL) training you didn’t eat dry unless you knocked out 25 pull ups in full kit. However, using body armor was ok but it always felt clunky to work out in. What is unique to TITIN is how they took the weighted workout concept one evolutionary step further, so simple it’s beautiful.

Meet the world’s only weighted compression gear. This 14-pocket shirt locks 8 pounds of gel inserts onto your upper body, while the fast-wicking outer compression shirt completes the set. Wear it to help build explosive speed, strength & teeth-gritting endurance. –TITIN

I haven’t done gear reviews since the early days of SOFREP, but Jack Murphy and I launched this site in order to grab some of our gear head followers from our Military.com Kit Up! days. Because I was so interested in checking out TITIN I asked the guys if I could review their weighted compression shirt for myself.

I picked the package up from the New York Athletic Club front desk two weeks ago—where I am a member. The NYAC is not some “Moto” chain of sports clubs.

Founded in 1868, the club has approximately 8,600 members and two facilities: the City House located at 180 Central Park South and Travers Island in Westchester County.
The club offers many sports, including rowing, wrestling, boxing, judo, fencing, basketball, rugby union, soccer, tennis, handball, squash, snooker, and lacrosse.


The City House, located at 180 Central Park South, is a large, cavernous building built in the early twentieth century which offers panoramic views of Central Park. Designed by Charles W. Clinton, the 24-floor facility includes two restaurants, a cocktail lounge, library, ballroom, billiard room, meeting rooms, rooftop solarium, and eight floors of guest rooms for members and club guests. The athletic training floors include a swimming pool, basketball courts, boxing rings, a fencing and wrestling room, judo floor, and squash courts.

NYAC members have won 119 Olympic gold medals, 53 silver medals, and 59 bronze medals. –Sourced from Wikipedia