On December 30, 1947 the MiG-15 fighter jet designed by Mikoyan-Gurevich for the Soviet Union (USSR) first flew.

The swept wing MiG-15 was small, agile and fast making it a very formidable aircraft. The MiG-15 had a wingspan of only 33 feet, was 33 feet long and stood 12 feet tall. Comparably the United States F-86 fighter jet had a wingspan of 37 feet, was 37 feet long and height of just over 14 feet.

The MiG-15 had a maximum speed over 650 miles per hour, could cruise at over 500 miles per hour and climb to over 50,000 feet. It was armed with three cannons. Two 23mm cannons and in the lower left fuselage and one 37mm cannon in the lower right fuselage carrying 200 rounds total between the three guns. The MiG-15 could also carry two bombs, unguided rockets or a pair of drop tanks for extra fuel.

Watch a Privately Owned MiG-15 Fly