The so called “Black Friday” sales ads are no doubt filling up your email servers and the mailbox at your house. Just in time for the Holiday Season we here at The Arms Guide are always willing to lend a hand in helping separate you from your hard earned money. This year we decided to help you with your Christmas shopping by creating that we are simply naming the  Top 5 Christmas List for Gun Owners. This short and to the point list features a well rounded selection of gear, accessories and parts that you can get the gun owner in your life this holiday season, all without breaking your wallet.

This list became more fun to put together after the recent Presidential election results, many of the items we have listed are now priced well below what they were retailing for just a few months ago. Without dragging our feet let’s head onto our The Arms Guide Top Five. I need to say that this list is not in any particular order other than how they popped into our heads.