The so called “Black Friday” sales ads are no doubt filling up your email servers and the mailbox at your house. Just in time for the Holiday Season we here at The Arms Guide are always willing to lend a hand in helping separate you from your hard earned money. This year we decided to help you with your Christmas shopping by creating that we are simply naming the  Top 5 Christmas List for Gun Owners. This short and to the point list features a well rounded selection of gear, accessories and parts that you can get the gun owner in your life this holiday season, all without breaking your wallet.

This list became more fun to put together after the recent Presidential election results, many of the items we have listed are now priced well below what they were retailing for just a few months ago. Without dragging our feet let’s head onto our The Arms Guide Top Five. I need to say that this list is not in any particular order other than how they popped into our heads.




Top 5 Christmas List for Gun Owners
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Everyone with a semi automatic rifle or pistol loves to get magazines for the holidays since you can never truly have enough of them. It doesn’t matter if you are an AK47 or an AR-15 fan, most varieties of magazines for both rifles as well as many popular models of semi automatic handguns are at stupidly low prices right now. If you go to Palmetto State Armory, or GunMagWarehouse you can find magazines as low as $6.00. Those kinds of prices you can buy some for yourself as well.


Top 5 Christmas List for Gun Owners

This handy multi tool is small enough to fit easily in your coat pocket, range bag or into any web gear or plate carrier pouch and give you an ingenious set of tools to use whenever the need arises. We have previously featured this tool here on the site and I can report that I am genuinely shocked at how many times I use this instead of digging threw my gun tool box for dental picks and punches. At only $49.95 they are easy on the wallet but the word on how good they are has gotten out and they are sold out in many of the old faithful online retailers like Amazon, Brownells, and Bravo Company USA. Shop around they can still be found.


Top 5 Christmas List for Gun Owners
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I think we all remember the days of just loading up and going to the range and blasting away with our friends without a care in the world about wether or not we would be able to hear later that day. Maybe if you were lucky you had some old GSA furnished blue ear muffs that were better than nothing but still sucked. Hearing loss is not joke and we should help out loved ones protect their ears while shooting. In 2016 electronic hearing protection has come along way and has gotten much more affordable. I promise you they are cheaper than hearing aides. Starting at $38 and going up from there electronic ear muffs will make the shooter in your life smile while not hitting your wallet too hard.


Top 5 Christmas List for Gun Owners
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Nothing in my opinion is as sad as seeing gun owners I know dragging their guns to and from the range in overpacked duffle bags or rat tattered old beat up range bags. You know the family member or friend I am speaking about, they excel at packing 10 lbs of crap in a 5 lb bag and it’s ridiculous on a good day. Why not help that person out with the gift of a new bigger range bag. You can find them at Midway USA, Brownells, Bass Pro Shop or my favorite LA Police Gear.If it was up to me I would wait until the so called “Cyber-Monday” deals start, or just head over to one of the site and see if they have anything listed early. The gift of a range bag will also hopefully keep your friends and family shooters more organized.


Top 5 Christmas List for Gun Owners

What red blooded American doesn’t like to see stuff blow up in a safe and controlled manner ? While some people who don’t know better and drink from the cup of liberal media maybe afraid of reactive targets like Tannerite, Sonic Boom, Sure Shot and others, binary explosive targets are safe to use if you read the instructions. Depending on the manufacturer binary explosive targets range in size from 1/2 lb canisters all the way up to 20 lb canisters. Now I will say Ive shot small canisters and was really pleased, the idea of shooting a 20 lber and watching something blow up is enough to make me smile anyway of the week. Now I have to use some lawyer speak here and say that you need to be sure that binary explosive targets are #1 LEGAL in your area or range, #2 USED SAFELY, and #3 NOT used for any unlawful purpose. If you do get some for the holidays and use it, be sure to record it and let us know. We would love to see it.



Before you roll your eyes and say all club boxes are the same I want to cut you off and say NO, THEY AREN’T. This Pro Crate package that WWW.SOFREP.COM has started is the mid priced package and is hand selected by actual former members of the Special Operations community, not by some guy in his garage. Former Navy SEAL sniper instructor and best selling author Brandon Webb has assembled a team of former Army Green Berets  like Jack Murphy, & Kris “Tanto” Paronto survivor of the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Libya, as well as former U.S. Marine Corps operators Scott Witner and Drew Dwyer to inspect and test each component that goes in these boxes.

This article courtesy of Rick Dembroski of The Arms Guide.