‘Top Gun’ today

Three decades after the movie, our experts weigh in on what’s changed.

“Top Gun” is due for an upgrade.

Believe it or not, May 16 will mark 30 years since Tom Cruise and company made fighter pilots – pardon us, naval aviators – the envy of thrill-seekers everywhere. Technology has changed. Culture has changed. And so has the art of war itself.

Kenny Loggins, thank goodness, has not.

For us non-pilots . .  Archer, FX – Kenny Loggins: Highway to the Danger Zone! – YouTube

So what would a “Top Gun” sequel or reboot look like? We asked some of our former fighter pilots and TOPGUN graduates to take their best guess, given how much has changed at the U.S. Navy Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor program since the heady days of 1986.

And here’s what we found.