Last May 19th Egyptair Flight MS804 mysteriously crashed into the Mediterranean Sea as it approached Cairo. All 66 passengers on board were killed when the plane hit the water.

A possible explanation for the crash surfaced when a forensic report produced the Egyptian investigation committee stated that traces of explosives were found on bodies recovered from the disaster.

An act of terrorism had been suspected from the beginning but no credible group had claimed responsibility. At the time of the incident it had been reported that cockpit voice recorders indicated the crew experienced a fire onboard the aircraft before it went down.

Flight Map Timeline Courtesy of CNN

Now the case has been referred to Egypt’s general prosecutor, officials said Thursday. France’s foreign ministry said it hopes the transfer of the case means the victims’ remains will be returned to their families “as quickly as possible.” There were 15 French people aboard the flight, and families have been pushing for months for their remains to be released. – CNN

Featured Image of EgyptAir Airbus A320 (SU-GCC)by Mehmet Mustafa Celik via Creative Commons


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