The Tru-Nord compass is a precision instrument, specifically designed for use in wilderness areas, day or night where an accurate, dependable quick reading compass is essential. Some assume that the higher grade button compasses – AA – mean higher quality, but that’s not necessarily true. They are generally plastic and give a general direction for all locations.

The Tru-Nord compasses are compensated in the USA according to your shipping address and zip code in order to provide a corrected “grid north” for map navigation in your specific area. The Tru-Nord Compass base and top are manufactured on a precision CNC machine from 360 Half Hard Brass rod. The jeweled bearing movement floats on a polished tapered pinnacle, which is attached to a full direction information dial covered by a Lexan lens. The brass cover ring is then threaded to the brass case for a watch-type seal, making the Tru-Nord Compass truly water and shock resistant. This makes the Tru-Nord compass one of the most accurate and rugged button compasses available.

Tru-Nord Compass | The Most Durable Button Compass

Model: 150C Zipper Pull / Key Ring Model