Donald Trump reaffirmed his promise at Saturday’s Republican debate that he would bring back “a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding” if he were president, though he declined to give specifics about what that might mean.

At a rally in Holderness, N.H., just two days before the New Hampshire primary, Mr. Trump asked audience members what they thought of his support of waterboarding — the controversial “enhanced interrogation” technique that has been criticized as a form of torture — in the face of brutal terrorist tactics such as beheading of Americans.

He drew some applause and said one of his leading rivals, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, was more equivocal about the technique in the debate, saying he wouldn’t rule out its occasional use but also wouldn’t condone its widespread deployment.

“Ted wanted to stay away from it,” Mr. Trump said. “But we are living in medieval times.”


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Image courtesy of CNN