Twitter has suspended 360,000 accounts in the past year for threatening or promoting terrorist acts, the company says. Some 235,000 of the accounts have been deleted in the past six months alone, the company said, with the other 125,000 eliminated from the middle of 2015.

The social media giant said in a statement posted online on Thursday: “While our work is not done, today we are announcing that we have suspended an additional 235,000 accounts for violating our policies related to promotion of terrorism in the six months since our February 2016 post.

“This brings our overall number of suspensions to 360,000 since the middle of 2015.

“As noted by numerous third parties, our efforts continue to drive meaningful results, including a significant shift in this type of activity off of Twitter.”

The San Francisco-based company said there has been an 80% rise in suspensions, especially after terror attacks.

“We continue to work with law enforcement entities seeking assistance with investigations to prevent or prosecute terror attacks,” the statement added.

Watchdog groups praised Twitter’s swift response to online celebrations from jihadist sympathisers praising a July truck attack in Nice, France, that killed more than 80 people.

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