Why carry two guns?

Truthfully, most of my friends think carrying one gun is weird enough. If they only knew that I carry two, it’d blow their minds. I’m sure I’d be immediately categorized as over-the-top-crazy by some and just plain paranoid by others. Still, the question of why I do carry two guns is a valid one.

Although it is a minute possibility, the reason I carry two guns isn’t that I’m afraid one gun will fail and feel that I’ll need a back up. Nor is it that I feel that my primary gun will likely run out of ammo, and I’ll need a “New York reload.” However, if I did happen to get jumped by a gang that was rolling deep and was forced to deplete all 16 rounds, having the second gun could prove helpful.

Brian's G26 in a Galco Ankle Glove.

There are two simple reasons why I carry two guns. First, I’m often with close family members and friends who do not carry a firearm, and I’d like to be able to give them one in the unlikely event that we should come face-to-face with evil personified.  Second, as I mentioned in a recent article, there are often environmental factors that force me to remove my primary gun (along my beltline) during the course of my day. In this case, I prefer to have an existing gun in an existing, practiced location. This works better for me than moving my primary (larger) gun to a different on-body location and trying to conceal it.

My life is a little complex, but I like to keep my carry options as simple and consistent as possible. How about you? What are your carry preferences? Do you happen to carry a second gun? If so, why?