An officer from Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRCG) and a member of the Iranian Defense Ministry were pronounced dead after separate events in the line of duty. Sources outside Iran claim that the men were developing weapons for a known terrorist organization.

The IRGC branch at Markazi Province in Iran published a statement, which was later reported by Iranian state media, saying that Ali Kamani died in a “driving accident” during an undisclosed operation. Kamani was a member of the IRGC’s aerospace division based in Khomein, located around 200 miles (320 kilometers) south of the Iranian capital, Tehran.

In a separate incident on Monday, the Fars news agency, which has links with the IRGC, reported that 33-year-old Mohammad Abdous died during a mission in the northern Semnan Province of Iran. Iran’s Defense and Armed Forces Logistics Ministry later said the ministry employed Abdous.

The two were branded as “martyrs,” indicating that they were killed rather than dying in an accident.

The IRGC’s aerospace force is responsible for Iran’s ballistic missile development, space program, and some of the country’s air defense projects. Iran has made significant progress in developing its own long-range ballistic missiles, which can threaten distant countries in the Middle East, including Israel. Such progress has been a cause of concern for traditional powers in the region.