British law enforcement and intelligence agencies have contributed for years to a secret NATO “kill list” of suspected terrorists and drug traffickers, according to a new report.

Evidence drawn from court and from documents leaked by Edward Snowden, which has been compiled in a 50-page report by human rights charity Reprieve, indicates that Britain has been a key partner for the US in drawing up targets for extra-judicial killings in drone and aircraft strikes in Afghanistan and Pakistan, which have killed civilians.

The claims pile pressure on the UK government to explain its role in secret kill-or-capture lists, understood to inform special operations, following revelations published by VICE News on Thursday that UK intelligence contributed to a kill list in Yemen. Former US ambassador to Yemen Stephen Seche was among a number of officials who told VICE News that British sources helped compile a “targeting list” in the region.

Now two senior British members of parliament (MPs) have called for an inquiry into Britain’s role in the assassination lists.

“The suggestion a British policing agency should provide intelligence to enable the deliberate killing of drug dealers challenges principles at the heart of British law enforcement,” independent MP David Davis told the Mail On Sunday. “The Government must explain precisely what it has authorised and initiate an inquiry.”

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Image courtesy of EPA, Vice News