British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that new military security agreements are in place with Sweden and Finland to enhance their security should the two countries come under attack from another country.

This news comes after both Sweden and Finland have expressed extreme interest in joining NATO following heightened tensions with Russia due to their invasion of Ukraine. It also comes after United Kingdom’s Defense Secretary Ben Wallace expressed their country’s willingness to provide aid to Finland and Sweden.

“Do I think if Finland didn’t join NATO, Britain wouldn’t come along to help? No. Britain will always be here in the Nordics, to be part of you, to help you, to support you,” Wallace said.

As Johnson signed these new military security agreements, the British Government said it was a “step-change in defense and security cooperation.”

“What it says is that in the event of a disaster, or in the event of an attack on either of us, then we will come to each other’s assistance, including with military assistance,” Johnson explained during a news conference held in Helsinki.