It’s almost 22 months since Russia invaded Ukraine, and peace is still nowhere in sight. 

In an effort to bolster Kyiv’s maritime security in the Black Sea, the United Kingdom recently announced the dispatch of two Royal Navy mine-hunting vessels.

This deployment aims to aid in the detection of Russian-laid mines in the Black Sea, thereby facilitating the restoration of vital maritime exports for Kyiv, which have been severely impacted since Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion in February 2022 and the subsequent blockade of the Black Sea.

Strategic Significance of Support

Announcing this pivotal decision, UK Defense Secretary Grant Shapps emphasized the strategic importance of this support.

“These minehunters will deliver vital capability to Ukraine, which will help save lives at sea and open up vital export routes,” said Shapps in a statement.

The deployment of these vessels, part of the Royal Navy’s fleet, signifies a tangible commitment by the UK government to aid Ukraine in addressing its maritime challenges.