On March 10, several news outlets reported that Ukrainian troops made their first-ever strikes using American Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) guided “smart bombs” on Russian-captured territory.

Turning Dumb Bombs Into Smart Bombs

According to multiple sources, the precision bombs struck locations near the beleaguered frontlines of Bakhmut, which have seen some of the harshest combat since Russia’s “special military operation” began over a year ago.

General James Hecker, the U.S. Air Force’s top commander in Europe and Africa, was reported in Newsweek as saying that JDAM-ER precision-guided bombs arrived in Ukraine about three weeks ago. The “ER” part of the name refers to the Extended Range the current guidance kit offers over prior models.

News about a potential supply of the American smart bombs first surfaced in December, saying that Washington appears to be sending its precision-guided munitions kits to support the Ukrainian troops due to their steadfast quest to defend the sovereignty of their motherland.

While Pentagon hasn’t formally acknowledged the circulating news, two anonymous sources familiar with the matter confirmed to Bloomberg that Extended-Range JDAM (JDAM-ER) would be part of the additional $1.85 billion military aid the White House announced in mid-December.