In the Donetsk region, Ukrainian troops are getting a Polish self-propelled howitzer Krab ready to fire on Russian positions at the frontline.

Ukraine is one step closer to having the German-manufactured state-of-the-art battle tanks approved for their fight against Russia’s invading forces. In addition, Kyiv has been promised additional Patriot defense missiles from its allies, who are apparently ready to join them in the next stage of the conflict. (Check out our SOFREP reporting on the $100M budget approval for US-donated patriot systems).

The Ukrainian government, which has primarily utilized Soviet-style T-72 tanks, has stated that the acquisition of newer tanks would augment the mobility and security of its ground forces in preparation for a probable Russian attack and the recapturing of some of its lands.

On Tuesday, a cabinet minister declared that the question of Germany offering tanks to the West would be the first order of business for the new Defense Minister, Boris Pistorius. This has been a topic of contention in Germany, as the country has previously been reluctant to commit to such a pledge.

The Leopard 2 tank, a German-made military vehicle with a global presence in almost 20 countries, is highly regarded as one of the most elite tanks of the West. Weighing more than 60 tons and equipped with a 120mm smoothbore gun, the tank has a maximum firing range of 5 km.