After almost four months in Russian control, Ukrainian forces have launched their counteroffensive in the Southern regions of their country with the goal of reclaiming the port city of Kherson. Kherson was the first city to fall under Russian control during the invasion.

The Ukrainian military announced the counteroffensive with a simple tweet: “Hold on, Kherson, we’re coming!” they said.

This Ukrainian push into Kherson may possibly be a tactic to spread the Russian military thin further as they battle problems of their own such as limited manpower due to the large number of casualties the Russians have been incurring over the past few months. Couple this with various logistics problems as well as a shorthanded supply of weapons, and they would be forced to reinforce troops in the south while trying to gain complete control of Donbas. This will force the Russians to divide reinforcements into two fronts, making the battle more difficult for them.

Ukraine has repeatedly claimed that it would need Western artillery systems to pull off a successful counteroffensive against the Russians as they’ve been shelled by the Kremlin forces throughout the duration of the war. Ukraine should not be in a vulnerable position, however. With US-made howitzers now in Ukrainian hands with photos showing that they have been placed in Donbas, these can easily be transferred to provide some support to Ukrainian forces taking part in the counteroffensive in the south.

In fact, evidence suggests that Ukrainian forces have already positioned an undisclosed number of American M-777 howitzers 50 miles northeast of Kherson, located near the Inhulets River in the area of Davydiv Brid. This forced the Russian forces to fall back to “unfavorable” territories. It had also been reported that the Ukrainian 5th Tank Brigade first led the counteroffensive armed with some 100 T-72 tanks that previously guarded Odesa.