As the fighting in Ukraine rages on, the country has begun an amnesty and compensation program for Russian soldiers who want to surrender in an effort to capitalize on the low morale reportedly being experienced by Russian troops due to low supplies of food and fuel. The package includes a monetary incentive of 5 million rubles or about $45,000 and a legal pardon in exchange for their voluntary surrender. Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov made the announcement on March 1 via Facebook and Twitter.

Reznikov, according to his March 1 statement, said that Russian casualties have amounted to 5,300, with hundreds more taken into custody as POWs. He alleges that many of the Russian troops are young and have been deceived or intimidated to attack Ukraine.

“We offer Russian soldiers a choice: To die in an unjust war, or a complete amnesty and 5 million rubles of compensation if they give up their guns and voluntarily turn themselves in,” he said in a translated version of his Facebook post.

“You were thrown to our land to murder and be murdered. Those of you who doesn’t want to become a murderer or be murdered can be saved,” said Reznikov, addressing Russian troops.

“Do not follow the criminal orders of those who have lied to you for years about Ukraine and Ukrainian people. We guarantee you a full amnesty and monetary compensation if you lay down your weapon voluntarily,” he reassured their enemies.

The initiative apparently first sprouted from an Instagram post of Ukrainian TV personality Masha Efrosinina, which the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense later supported. Funds to shoulder the amnesty program were raised by leaders in the international IT industry.