Poland has announced an agreement to sell their Krab self-propelled tracked gun-howitzers to Ukraine for roughly 3 billion zlotych or 650 million euros.

This would cover around 60 Krab howitzers to be sent to Ukraine. This agreement represents Poland’s first selling of the NATO-compatible weapon to a buyer outside the country.

During his excursion to the Stalowa Wola Steelworks, where all the artillery guns are manufactured, the Prime Minister of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki, made the following statement: “We are signing one of the largest – if not the largest – arms export contracts of the last three decades.”

Poland will provide the 54 Krab self-propelled gun howitzers over the next few months, while the US is expected to be the country that supplies the ammunition, as reported by Polish media. 


The Krab gun howitzers have a range of up to 40 kilometers and are capable of firing at a distance of that distance. PGZ, Poland’s state-owned arms manufacturer, is responsible for its production. However, South Korean chassis and German engine components are used in its construction. This is why both Seoul and Berlin had to provide their approval before Poland’s new export contract with Ukraine could go into effect.

The Krab self-propelled howitzer with a 155-millimeter caliber is currently the most powerful cannon Polish artillerymen have in their arsenal. It has a maximum range of around 40 kilometers and can fire up to six rounds per minute at a rate of up to a distance of approximately fifty tonnes.