Security blunders have plagued Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) for the past few weeks as various FSB whistleblowers reveal the inner workings of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The intelligence agency of Russia, which is known for its extreme secrecy, has now been allegedly exposed by Ukrainian intelligence as they had published the names and information of 620 Russian FSB officers in what seems to be the largest data breach of the war. You may see the list for yourself here.

The Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine revealed that they had access to the information of 620 individuals who were registered employees of the FSB. They accused many of them of being involved in criminal activities in Europe. Astonishingly, the list contained the personal details, phone numbers, date of birth, place of birth, and even car number plates of the FSB agents. It was also revealed that those on the list were reportedly living in Lubyanka, the location of FSB’s headquarters.

In a satirical fashion, the list also revealed that some Russian agents were not-so secretive with their Skype name as they used the username “jamesbond007,” a reference to the famous British MI6 agent, James Bond.

While the list is not independently verified, the negative impact on morale within the FSB and its related government agencies would be extremely felt as this would indicate that their cyber-infrastructure and the FSB itself are vulnerable to foreign hacking or that there may be a mole inside the FSB that has been feeding information to the Ukrainians. Furthermore, it is important to note that Ukraine did not specify how they obtained the list, which leaves room for legitimacy issues for the list.