Today marks the 31st Independence Day for Ukraine, and even though Russia’s been spreading rumors about attacking civilian locations, the country continues with national holiday.

Though many are congratulating Ukraine for their Independence Day, today will still feel more somber than the previous years when they would host lavish parades and public celebrations. Each home is filled with food, and family members travel from towns to cities and vice versa to celebrate together. This year, it is different, but the solidarity is stronger.

As President Volodymyr Zelensky noted in his Independence Day remarks, today is the day Ukraine will fight for its freedom (literally), compared to the ballot box voting they did decades ago.

“A new nation emerged on February 24 at 4 a.m. Not born, but reborn. A nation that didn’t cry, didn’t scream, didn’t get scared. Didn’t run away. Didn’t give up. Didn’t forget.”

“Every new day is a new reason not to give up. Because, having gone through so much, we have no right not to reach the end. What is the end of the war for us? We used to say: Peace. Now we say: VICTORY.

The world is behind Ukraine as they celebrate this momentous day, hoping to see VICTORY someday soon.

Ukrainian journalist Olga Tokariuk is hopeful that Ukraine will “prevail” and that “good will win over evil, light will defeat darkness.”