The government of Ukraine placed a new weapon request from its Western ally, Germany—this time asking for the latter’s long-range Taurus cruise air-to-surface missiles.

According to Berlin’s defense ministry spokesperson, the country has recently received said request as Ukraine wraps up its preparation to launch a summer counteroffensive effort against advancing Russian forces.

Through the requested equipment, Ukrainian troops seek to take back a substantial number of territories Russia has taken since the latter invaded its neighbor in February 2022.

As the war enters its second summer, Ukraine remains grappling with bolstering its weakened air defense. It has been working on acquiring more long-range weapons to counterbalance the incessant bombardment of Russia. However, the West keeps sending short-range armaments and has hesitated to give in to the long-range requests for fear of escalation that could potentially drag the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) into the 15-month-old war. Training and logistics were also among those reasons.