The Ukrainians are back at it again with their military craftsmanship and resourcefulness. Free of the multi-layered and mind-boggling bureaucracy of the US Defence Department Ukraine is able to rapidly improvise and innovate on the battlefield. We have recently found out that they have made an improvised launcher for their Brimstone missiles. Videos of the newly-donated, Brimstone missiles from the United Kingdom have recently surfaced online, and it’s pretty impressive if you ask us.

Last April, we reported that the United Kingdom was looking to supply Ukraine with Brimstone precision-guided missiles in anticipation of a wider advance in Donbas. It seems that those received by the Ukrainian Armed Forces are ground-based Brimstone missiles. We previously pointed out that the Brimstone was of the Sea Spear variant, a naval-launched missile used to destroy enemy ships. This was confirmed last April by British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace.

Along with this donation were the Stormer High-Velocity Missile (HVM) launchers capable of firing salvos of 17 Starstreak anti-aircraft rockets, making the Ukrainians now very much capable of defending themselves against an air attack.