A 9mm handgun less than an inch wide with 8+1 capacity.  This has become nearly the norm for those looking for an easily concealed handgun for carry in hot weather or when utmost discretion is required.  It’s easy to think of the 2015 Glock 43, the S&W Shield after its initial recall 2013, but with a much quieter release in 2012 came the Bersa BP9CC.  Offering often under-appreciated features such as a visible and tactile loaded chamber indicator and ambidextrous magazine release the BP9CC fills even large hands comfortably and yet maintains a very slim profile.

Much like the tango dance of Bersa’s native Argentina the BP9CC is a blend of both simple movements and advanced techniques that isn’t too intimidating for the beginner yet offers a lot for the more experienced.  This handgun’s offerings nearly break down evenly: