Sergeant Major of the Army Dan Dailey was recently at Ft. Bliss, TX among the senior enlisted members of the service and in a closed-door meeting floated the idea that perhaps the Army should consider creating pay grades E-10, and E-11 for the senior NCOs who serve in positions of higher authority.

And although the meeting was just a discussion with no formal proposal having yet taken place, word seeped out when one of the attendees posted his notes in a closed Facebook post.

That post quickly turned viral and the Army, through its own publication Army Times, ran a poll asking service members this question:

Should the Army create two new pay grades for senior NCOs who take on more responsibility?

Yes, they deserve the extra pay for all that extra work.

No, they already get paid enough.

Maybe. It depends on what job they have.

The reasoning behind this “not-yet-official-proposal” is that while officers receive a promotion and a raise when they reach Battalion, Brigade, and Division commands, the senior NCO in each unit, an E-9 Sergeant Major (SGM/CSM) stays at the same rank.