In the intricate landscape of modern espionage, one tactic stands out for its subtlety and effectiveness: honey-trapping.

This method, leveraging romantic or sexual entanglements to extract sensitive information, has been a persistent threat to national security agencies worldwide.

In recent years, India has faced its fair share of honey-trapping incidents, particularly orchestrated by Pakistani intelligence operatives.

However, the Indian Army is not sitting idly by.

Armed with innovation and technology, it has devised a groundbreaking defense strategy against such insidious threats.

The Birth of a Defense: AI Chatbot Technology

Recent reports have unveiled the Indian Army’s latest weapon in the battle against espionage: an AI-powered Chatbot.

Developed by soldiers from India’s Territorial Army, this innovative technology operates within the ubiquitous messaging platform WhatsApp.

Its primary function? To simulate conversations with soldiers and assess their susceptibility to honey-trapping tactics.