As the SERE contract has rolled over to a new contract, won via the lowest bid technically acceptable, only 10 instructors showed up to work. The contracting office will give the company seven to 10 days to find 19 more instructors. These trainers are rare and hard to find, each requiring years of training. If the contracting company is unable to find 19 instructors, the second-in-line contractor should take over.

Then, the original instructors should return, having escaped unemployment, to prevent the inevitable downgrade in training quality and value of Bragg’s SERE course. If SERE is restored to its original cadre, a policy look should be made, and the decision that took this contract from performance based to lowest bid technically acceptable ought to be reversed. Return the SERE bid to being performance based, because the lowest bid and the desire to win a contract is not a model appropriate for critical training.

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