As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine drags into its 21st month, a covert humanitarian operation orchestrated by the US Air Force has emerged, delivering a critical lifeline to sustain Kyiv’s power infrastructure.

With the looming threat of infrastructure damage from Russian drone and missile strikes, a covert mission aimed at fortifying Ukraine’s power grid unfolded—led by a collaboration between the US Department of Commerce, California-based digital solutions firm Cisco, and a team of experts from both the public and private sectors.

Developing Critical Cybersecurity Solutions

The covert operation was brought to light through recent reports disclosing the delivery of cutting-edge cybersecurity technology to Ukraine.

Developed by Cisco, this groundbreaking capability serves as a safeguard against electrical fluctuations caused by damage to infrastructure.

Its primary focus lies in protecting the integrity of Global Positioning System (GPS)-based clocks, which are pivotal in managing data on power relays across the nation.