The Polish government has entered into an agreement to purchase a second group of American Abrams tanks.

Lawton declared that the collaboration between the US and Poland is “critically vital” right now and that the deal of tanks is part of Joe Biden’s commitment to delivering “the most dependable and powerful military power” to Poland as soon as possible.

On Wednesday, Mariusz Blaszczak, Poland’s defense minister and deputy prime minister, conducted a $1.4 billion deal for a second batch of US Abrams main battle tanks in Wesola, near Warsaw. This move is taking place so Poland can boost its defensive abilities and strengthen ties with the United States due to the Russian war in Ukraine. Poland is the first US partner in Europe to receive the Abrams tanks, which are accompanied by equipment and logistics and will be delivered beginning this year. Blaszczak stressed that the collaboration between the two countries is increasing the safety of the entire region, especially the eastern side of NATO. At the event were Daniel Lawton, deputy chief of mission in Poland, and US Brig. Gen. John Lubas, deputy commander of the 101st Airborne Division, stationed near Ukraine’s border. Lawton revealed that purchasing these tanks is part of President Joe Biden’s commitment to providing Poland with the most reliable military capabilities as soon as possible.

A M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) (Source: NARA)

In the past year, Poland made a 4.7 billion dollar arrangement to get 250 modernized M1A2 Abrams tanks that will be brought to the country in 2025-26. Additionally, Poland expects shipment of US HIMARS artillery systems and has already obtained Patriot missile launchers. Poland also inked several other multibillion-dollar contracts to immediately purchase tanks, cannons, and fighter jets from South Korea. In December, the first installment of tanks and cannons arrived. Some of the munitions will replace Poland’s arms already provided to Ukraine.

Poland is unmistakably actively improving their military capabilities by investing in modern equipment such as the M1 Abrams tank. The M1 Abrams tank is one of the most advanced tanks on the market, featuring superior firepower and protection for its crew. This tank will greatly enhance Poland’s defensive capabilities, allowing them to protect its borders better and respond quickly to any threats. Additionally, the presence of the M1 Abrams tank will help improve morale among Polish troops, increasing their confidence in their abilities when facing potential adversaries like Russia.

Since the war between Russia and Ukraine began, Poland has been increasingly aware of their need to protect their borders. The threat of a potential Russian invasion is too real and could have devastating consequences for the entire region. 

Polish Armed Forces
Polish Armed Forces (Source: U.S. Army Europe/Flickr)

The Polish Armed Forces have increased security along its eastern border with Ukraine to combat this risk. Poland has bolstered its presence on both lands and in the airspace around its borders, deploying additional troops, installing radar systems capable of detecting hostile aircraft, and constructing several new fortifications. In addition, they have expanded intelligence operations to identify potential threats better before they arise. 

Moreover, Poland has recently negotiated high-level with NATO to ensure its allies are prepared to respond should an attack occur. These measures demonstrate Poland’s commitment to safeguarding its citizens from foreign aggressors.