From scorching deserts to frigid mountains, US troops need reliable shelter on the go. And they’re getting an upgrade!

Ohio-based defense contractor HDT Global has secured a significant contract worth $432.6 million to deliver a new generation of tactical shelters to the US Army, as announced on Monday, April 15.

This project marks a substantial investment in modernizing the Army’s deployable infrastructure for multi-domain operations.

The contract stipulates the production of roughly 60 distinct shelter variants.

These shelters will incorporate both expandable and non-expandable rigid-wall designs, catering to various expeditionary needs.

According to HDT Global, the new shelters will prioritize operational energy efficiency, resulting in reduced lifecycle costs and promoting a standardized approach across the US Army.

Tailored for the Modern Battlefield

HDT Global emphasizes that each shelter is specifically designed to support the US Army’s evolving needs in multi-domain battlefields.

These shelters will be utilized for critical tasks such as mobilization, modernization efforts, and troop protection.