An army officer is leading a delegation on a visit to Army in Alaska.

The German Army recently visited Alaska to observe US Army’s arctic training and facilities, hoping to boost cooperation. The headquarters of the German Army, the Bundeswehr, the 1st Airborne Brigade, and the 23rd Mountain Brigade were among those who began their trip at Joint Base Elemendorf-Richardson. They met with the 11th Airborne Division leadership, saw static displays, and were taught about cold weather medical evacuation procedures, among other things.

The German Army visited the US Army’s arctic training and facilities to increase cooperation concerning arctic exercises.

US Army Maj. Jeffery Fritz is part of the US Army Headquarters International Cooperation section in Strausberg, Germany, and helped organize and lead the delegation as part of the Military Partnership Exchange Program.

According to Fritz, the creation of the German Army’s interest in Alaska began with the release of the February 2021 US Army Arctic strategy, Regaining Arctic Dominance.

Fritz said the German Navy and Air Force have already visited with their US counterparts in the Pacific theater over the last two years.

“The purpose of this visit is to exchange tactics, techniques and procedures from lessons learned during operations in Arctic climates, identify potential opportunities for collective training with the brigades and division there, and identify opportunities for increased bilateral individual training opportunities at the Northern Warfare Center in Alaska,” said Fritz.

Representatives from the German Army headquarters, the Bundeswehr, and its 1st Airborne Brigade and 23rd Mountain Brigade began their visit at Joint Base Elemendorf-Richardson. During their stay, they met with 11th Airborne Division leadership, viewed static displays, and received briefings on cold weather medical evacuations, among other issues.