Three industry leaders – Anduril Industries, Hanwha Defense USA, and Forterra – announced on February 29th a collaborative effort to develop an uncrewed ground vehicle (UGV) for the US Army’s S-MET Increment II program. This partnership leverages expertise in software, hardware, and autonomy, aiming to equip soldiers with enhanced logistical capabilities and improved battlefield efficiency.

Strategic Alliance for the Future of Warfare

In a bold move with the brass buzzing and grunts nodding in approval, a trio of tech heavyweights have locked arms to give the US Army’s gear-hauling game a next-level boost.

We’re talking about the S-MET Increment II program, a leap forward that’s about making sure our boots on the ground have the edge they need when the metal meets the mud.

The heart of this deal is hooking up Hanwha’s beastly Arion-SMET platform with Anduril’s brainy mission software.