In a recent interview with AFP News, General Charles Flynn, commanding over 107,000 Pacific-based US Army personnel, expressed growing concerns about China’s military trajectory, combining rapid advancements with an increasingly assertive stance in the Pacific.

General Flynn’s remarks shed light on China’s significant military progress under President Xi Jinping, the escalating tensions between Beijing and Washington, and the challenges the United States faces in the region.

China’s Military Transformation

General Flynn highlighted China’s remarkable military transformation over the past decade, evolving from an ill-equipped and ineffective force into one of the world’s fastest-growing and most potent.

“The trajectory that they have been following for the last decade, if I multiply that into the next decade, that is a concerning trajectory,” said the four-star general in a video interview with AFP from Hawaii on Wednesday, November 8.

Under President Xi Jinping’s leadership, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has undergone substantial improvements, boasting not only the world’s largest navy but also a growing nuclear and ballistic arsenal.

This transformation is fueled by a defense budget that ranks second only to that of the United States.

China’s military spending has seen consecutive increases, with a 7.2 percent hike announced in March following a 7.1 percent increase the previous year.

Outgoing premier Li Keqiang justified these increases, stating that “external attempts to suppress and contain China are escalating.