For decades, the M72 Light Assault Weapon (LAW) has been a mainstay in the Marine Corps arsenal, a symbol of raw power in close-quarters combat.

Now, the iconic LAW is getting a 21st-century upgrade, one that promises to revolutionize how Marines fight, particularly in urban environments.

Enter the M72 LAW Fire from Enclosure (FFE). This isn’t just a new rocket; it’s a paradigm shift.

The M72 FFE allows Marines to launch devastating firepower from within buildings and bunkers, eliminating the dangerous vulnerability they previously faced when firing the LAW from an exposed position.

Concealed and Lethal: Dominating Urban Warfare

“This new capability removes the Marine from exposure to enemy engagement,” said Scott Adams, Product Manager for Ammo at Marine Corps Systems Command.

The M72 FFE boasts a drastically reduced flash signature and backblast – even smaller than a standard M9 pistol. This allows Marines to fire multiple shots daily from within a protected space, maximizing lethality while minimizing risk.

The M72 FFE comes in two configurations, each tailored for specific battlefield needs:

M72A8 Anti-Armor: This round packs a powerful high-explosive warhead designed to pierce through enemy vehicles with ease, offering Marines a decisive edge against armored threats.