With air operations continuing during Operation Inherent Resolve, the United States and other coalition military air forces pounded the Islamic State of Syria Saturday, conducting 32 air strikes consisting of 39 engagements, US military officials reported. The coalition also hit ISIS in Iraq with four strikes consisting of nine engagements.

These strikes were conducted as part of the coalition’s operation to destroy ISIS in Iraq and Syria. The destruction of ISIS targets in Iraq and Syria also further limits the group’s ability to project terror and conduct external operations throughout the region and the rest of the world, officials said.

Strikes in Syria

In Syria, coalition military forces conducted 28 strikes consisting of 30 engagements against ISIS targets:

— Near Abu Kamal, three strikes destroyed three ISIS wellheads, two oil storage tanks and a pumpjack.

— Near Dayr Az Zawr, a strike destroyed eight ISIS wellheads, a excavator, a crane and a vehicle.

— Near Raqqa, 23 strikes engaged eight ISIS tactical units and destroyed 19 fighting positions, five ISIS-held buildings, three improvised explosive device factories, an ISIS communications tower and a unmanned aerial system launch site.

— Near Shadaddi, a strike destroyed three IED factories.