American military installations are on high alert, facing a double-edged threat: a rise in attempted infiltration by foreign nationals and a surge in unauthorized drone activity.

Admiral Daryl Caudle, commander of US Fleet Forces Command, sounded the alarm last Friday, May 24, revealing that attempts by foreign nationals to gain access to sensitive areas are occurring “two or three times a week” at Navy bases alone.

Increasing Infiltration Attempts Raise Espionage Concerns

The methods employed by these individuals raise red flags. While some claim to be tourists or ship enthusiasts, their presence near restricted areas and the sheer frequency of attempts suggest a more nefarious motive.

The report cites a particularly troubling statistic: over 100 attempts by Chinese nationals were flagged in 2023. This raises concerns about potential espionage efforts by state actors seeking to gather classified information or assess vulnerabilities.

Drone Activity Adds Another Layer of Threat

The threat extends beyond human infiltration as the Navy is also grappling with an increase in unauthorized drone activity over military bases, with sightings occurring as often as two to three times a week.

While some may be hobbyists operating commercially available drones, the difficulty in discerning their motives is a cause for concern. These drones could be used for reconnaissance, potentially capturing sensitive information or base layouts.

Additionally, a swarm of drones could overwhelm air defenses, creating a window for a more conventional attack.

“It’s hard for us to tell the underlying motive,” said Adm. Caudle. “[They’re] Russian, Chinese – it’s comes from all these different nations.”