The US State Department has approved a potential foreign military sale (FMS) to Saudi Arabia, valued at an estimated $101.1 million.

This proposed deal, announced on Wednesday, April 10, centers on supplying the Kingdom with advanced communication and surveillance equipment, sparking debate about its impact on regional security and US-Saudi relations.

Key Details of the Sale

The core of the sale revolves around the Multifunctional Information Distribution System (MIDS).

Saudi Arabia has requested the following:

MIDS-LVT BU2 Terminals

These advanced terminals provide secure, high-capacity, and jam-resistant data and voice communication for air, sea, and ground forces.

The package includes 63 new terminals and retrofit kits for existing systems.


An additional 229 MIDS Joint Tactical Radio Systems are included, further bolstering communication networks.

Additional Equipment

The sale encompasses complementary communication equipment like TacNet tactical radios and cryptographic modules, ensuring a comprehensive upgrade to Saudi Arabia’s military communication infrastructure.