In the vast expanse of the Pacific, the US Navy is charting a course through turbulent seas, setting its sights squarely on choppy waters as the Chinese dragon flexes its muscles.

At the heart of this maritime chess game is the Navy’s latest gambit: a fleet of small but fierce unmanned surface vessels (USVs), courtesy of the PRIME (Production-Ready, Inexpensive, Maritime Expeditionary) project and the Pentagon’s Replicator initiative.

This move is more than a show of force; it’s a strategic play to keep the upper hand in places like the Taiwan Strait.

PRIME Project: Enhancing Naval Capabilities

Under the banner of the PRIME project, the Navy is calling on the sharpest minds in the industry to bring forth drones that don’t just sail but hunt.

These aren’t your average boats; they’re high-speed interceptors designed to outmaneuver and outsmart, especially in hotspots like the Taiwan Strait.