Cyber threats are on the rise and expanding more than ever, and the United States Space Force has taken significant steps toward bolstering the nation’s cybersecurity defenses.

Among these steps is the recent awarding of Xage Security, a leading player in the cybersecurity field, a whopping $17-million contract to reinforce the service’s cyber defenses through a cutting-edge “zero trust” access control and data protection system.

Zero Trust: A Paradigm Shift in Cybersecurity

The Pentagon has long recognized the need for a more proactive approach to cybersecurity, which led to the adoption of the “zero trust” strategy.

Unlike traditional cybersecurity models that often focus on addressing issues after they occur, zero trust revolves around the continuous validation of users and devices to safeguard sensitive data.

Through this approach, it ensures that every individual and device accessing critical systems is meticulously authenticated and authorized, minimizing vulnerabilities.

Geoffrey Mattson, CEO of Xage Security, succinctly articulated the philosophy behind their approach, cited by Defense Scoop:

“We have this identity-first approach where we make sure if you are touching anything, we know who you are — and we know who you are really well. We make sure you’re a privileged user, we verify your level of privilege, we strictly control what you can do and monitor what you can do right now.”

Extending Zero Trust to Space Force Infrastructure

Under this groundbreaking contract, Xage Security will deploy its identity-based Xage Fabric across the entirety of the Space Force’s ground and space-based architectures. This includes satellites and other critical assets in both ground stations and space environments.