I’ve been a concealed carrier for several years now and have always carried AIWB. Finding the right belt to support this carry method can be somewhat of a challenge. It’s easy to sink alot of hard earned cash into several belts until you find one that not only supports and conceals your firearm, but offers all day comfort. One of my pet peeves with “gun belts” is the buckle. When you carry appendix, if the buckle is too large it will easily print through your cover garment. Even if I offset the belt to the left, then it can become uncomfortable or cause issues with concealing a fixed blade knife.

I’ve seen the Megingjörð by V Development Group several times, but never really gave it much thought until recently. I’m a minimalist when it comes to the gear I carry daily and that includes the support system (The belt). I did a little more research on the belt, watched the following video and decided to go for it. Man am I glad I did. I’ve been wearing the Megingjörð belt everyday for two weeks now with my firearm and a knife. The belt has been one of the most comfortable I’ve worn.

The belt is rigid ONLY where necessary for AIWB concealed carry. This allows for more comfort since the entire belt is not rigid around your waist.

The buckle is an extremely simple design that is about as low profile as you can get without having to offset the buckle. This aids in both concealment and comfort.

According to Old Norse, the Megingjörð is the name of the belt worn by Thor, which translates into “power-belt,” big name for a big concept.” – V Development Group


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