Every day we log into the computer and read the news headlines we are bombarded with images and reports of violence and chaos all over the earth. In this day and age, many places like a shopping mall or open air markets can turn into a domestic copy of a war zone due to the actions of a few bent on destruction. It’s these times where we as ordinary citizens need quality first aid gear available to us and we need it to be carried in a durable bag that will deliver in times of need. We need something that is compact, well-built and can take tremendous amounts of abuse. It’s for those reasons and more that Vanquest in conjunction with Ken Harper of Prepare -1 created the Vanquest FATPack, First Aid Trauma Pack. The FATPack is loaded with features that make it an excellent choice for anyone who is serious about being able to render first aid in tough conditions.


Manufacturer: Vanquest

Model Number / Sizes Available :

Model Tested: 

  • 7″ x 10″ (Model # 081271)


  • Height: 10″
  • Width: 7.5″
  • Depth: 3″.5

Material: 1000D Cordura with Teflon coating

Colors Available: