I hardly fanboy about gear and guns. I know what I like, and I don’t care who exactly makes it. One of the few things I do fanboy about is the Vickers Combat Application Sling by Blue Force Gear. You know those people who never shut up how the Wire and Breaking Bad are the best TV shows ever. That’s me, but with the Vickers sling. Designed by legendary soldier Larry ‘Big Boss’ Vickers the VCAS or Vickers sling has always been good to me.

The Vickers Sling | An Unmatched Option
All long guns need a sling

When I was a poor Lance Corporal I had this crappy three-point issued to me for the rare times I carried a rifle. Since my main weapon was the M240 I didn’t mind. Since my 240 was packed away long ago I’ve moved on to a variety of different rifles. A good sling is a simple must have on any rifle. The Vickers sling is a two point and if you want the full rundown on specs check out my first look here.

Practical Exercises

I like to mix my handling skills with my working out, and since open carry isn’t legal in my state I couldn’t think of a better way than to sling my AR15 and hit my personal gym. The 2 point shows it’s strengths here. I could sling it to the side while my hands were occupied with flipping tires and spin it to my back when doing push ups. The sling keeps the weapon out-of-the-way and allows the user to use their hands without a rifle bouncing around.

The Vickers Sling | An Unmatched Option