The VISM Hand Stop by popular accessory manufacturer NcStar Inc. is sure to be useful to anyone who is currently using a KeyMod style rail system. We recently had a chance to grab one of these little grips in one of the new tactical box clubs that we had the fortune of trying out. The subscription to that particular box club turned out to be a wasted endeavor but we found at least one diamond in the rough. While is usually hard to get overly excited about a simple grip, the VISM grip peaked our interest.

There are many things to like about the VISM grip and honestly only one thing that we disliked about it. So as to not be overly critical or negative lets take a look at the positive elements the VISM has going for it. First the grip is made by NcStar, a company known for making entry level optics at a great price point and having a warranty that they in my experiences have stood behind. The VISM line of products was launched by the parent company NcStar in 2010 to handle the growing market of accessories other than optics. The company thought they had the ability to bring affordable accessories with quality to the growing market of military style sporting arms, so the line was born. Lets take a look at the breakdown of the VISM Hand Stop, and why its sure to be a hit.

NAME: VISM Hand Stop


PLACE OF MANUFACTURE: City of Industry, California


LENGTH: 2.9″

WIDTH: 0.9″