Damian Ross is a lifelong martial artist, wrestler, bouncer, and fighter who studied under Carl Cestari who was a teacher of the William Fairbairn / Eric Sykes method of military combatives. This system of combatives was developed prior to World War II for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) which was the predecessor to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The instructors for the military and agents of these American agencies needed a fast and easy to learn, yet highly effective fighting system, so Defendu was born. Furthermore, this combatives system was taught to the Shanghai Police Department and used daily by its police officers.

I have personally studied this system for the past five years and have taught its concepts to law enforcement, security personnel, as well as civilians. I find it to be highly effective. I believe in it so much that I have enrolled in the instructor certification program so I can officially teach it at my combatives academy.

It is NOT martial arts! I love martial arts. I believe that Damian Ross loves martial arts (he has black belts in several martial arts systems) but martial arts do not prepare you for modern-day fighting.

From the Self Defense Company’s website:

“The Self Defense Training System (SDTS) is a train at home program that uses a method called COMBAT CONDITIONING to hardwire CORE COMBAT SKILLS into your system that will just KICK IN when you need them most…even if you haven’t practiced in years.

We have seen new members’ self defense skills increase exponentially in 30 days or less regardless of your age, size, man or woman. Just follow the step by step instructions and let the system to the rest.

Created by Instructor Damian Ross, the SDTS has over 400 lessons and drills on demand from any device. The program uses active resistance, physical training and mental visualization or mind-setting to accelerate your training and give you the results you want, faster than you could ever imagine.”

This is a very reasonably priced system that you can learn from a certified instructor or you can learn at home with a training partner or even by yourself! If you want to learn a no bull-shit system of fighting here it is…go to my www.myselfdefensetraining.com for more information.