The Biden Administration’s handling of the U.S.-Israel relationship has been a disaster.

The recent escalation of violence between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip continues to gain global attention, and the role of the United States in the conflict has been under scrutiny. While President Biden has consistently emphasized the United States’ commitment to Israel‘s right to self-defense, his administration’s handling of the crisis has been fraught with errors and missteps that deserve attention.

One of the most significant mistakes was the perceived lack of urgency from the administration in responding to the crisis. This conflict began escalating in early May 2021 at the beginning of the Biden Administration. President Biden’s statements were lukewarm and lacking in conviction. His assertion that the violence would cease “sooner than later” seemed to echo a hands-off approach inconsistent with America’s historical role as a mediator in the Middle East.

Another major issue was the messaging surrounding the conflict, which was often vague and inconsistent. While Biden asserted Israel’s right to self-defense, he also urged restraint, resulting in a contradictory message that did little to alleviate the escalating violence. The administration’s failure to articulate its stance exacerbated the situation, giving the impression of indecision and inaction.