We’ve watched a lot of action-packed films, and many have offered the promise of greatness, but the John Wick movies are arguably one of the best movie franchises in 21st century Hollywood. But what makes this franchise so alluring is obvious. With his cool and smooth moves and fighting style, many are wondering, “Was John Wick once a marine?”

John Wick was fueled by revenge, not only by Reeves’s character but also by how the franchise had made him even more popular after a rough patch in the early 2010s.

Who is John Wick?

The character was never mentioned to have been based on an actual person, but many movie-watchers and fans love to speculate.

John Wick in action. Photo by David Lee – © 2014 – Summit Entertainment

John Wick was summarized as an ex-hitman coming out of retirement to track down the gangsters that killed his dog and took everything from him, that’s according to Nick Riganas. Seriously, who can’t sympathize with that? This is the spell that John Wick had cast upon us. A character who’s a firearms expoert  brings the coolness and style we’re expecting from an action film and, at the same time, someone who plays with the audience’s emotions by the circumstances the character had to deal with. That’s what we get when Reeves has quite the history of working with director Chad Stahelski in the Matrix movies.