Picture this…You’ve put the kids to bed for the evening and after locking the front door and turning all the lights off you yourself go to bed. You are then awakened several hours later by a strange noise coming from downstairs. It sounds as if someone broke a window and are now attempting to breach the front door.

Taking a step back, what have you done to prepare for a possible home invasion in the middle of the night? What do you have at arm’s reach that will give you a leg up in this situation, an advantage over the scumbag breaking into your home.

Let’s take a look at the nightstand. Is your nightstand piled with magazines, some books, box of Kleenex, and a myriad of other items? Your nightstand can be your first line of defense in a home invasion, if you have prepared ahead of time and have the tools available at arm’s reach. I’m going to show you how my nightstand is set up to give my family a fighting chance against a home invasion. Typically the top of my nightstand contains my EDC items once I unload my pockets prior to going to bed.

Top of Nightstand:

Inside the nightstand drawer: These items NEVER leave the drawer.